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Beauty: How Do You...

Confession time! I was not always a makeup person. Growing up, I wasn't really allowed to wear a lot of makeup, but also, having small, hooded eyes, I struggled with the dark, smudgy liner of the 90s. My inability to recreate looks from Teen, Seventeen, and YM left me believing I just wasn't someone who could "do," makeup. Like it was some mystical gift bestowed only upon some, and I had been deemed unworthy. So, I went through high school, either not wearing any makeup (also attended an all girls' school so, not so bad,) or wearing pretty awful makeup that was not super flattering on me. Maybe this is a right of passage for teens in general, although I can certainly say I did not have You Tube tutorials when I was a teenager. No, ma'am.
My senior year, while preparing for our production of Guys & Dolls, one of my super talented classmates offered to do my eye makeup for dress rehearsal. I could NOT believe how glamorous I felt! Dark, smokey eyes, lush l…

Product Review, Too Faced - Mascara Melt Off - and Skin Care Repair

One of my favorite makeup products is mascara, and because my eyes tend to water, I love waterproof mascara. I know, it's not great for your lashes, yada yada yada. I'mma be honest, I don't really care. =X My current go-to is Too Faced Better Than Sex waterproof formula. So, when I saw Too Faced makes a product specially to remove waterproof mascara, I was in. Basically, this is an oil on a stiff mascara brush that you apply directly to your lashes. This means you're not wasting a ton of product soaking off tough to remove mascara. The trick to get this to really work well is to apply it, and let it sit for a bit so the oil can break down the makeup.

To be honest, I can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner, because it's so smart. I forgot to take before/during/after photos, but this is definitely part of my makeup removing regimen, and I have found it incredibly helpful when removing my mascara without tearing out all my lashes.

Speaking of skin ca…