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Books: The Beauty of Darkness (The Remnant Chronicles #3) by Mary Pearson

 I started this series a while ago, and was hooked. Lia is a princess who is set, by her parents, to marry a prince from a neighboring country. She's less than thrilled by this edict, and instead of submitting, runs away with her lady-in-waiting, Pauline. The first book sees them on the run, and hiding out from bounty hunters they've been told were sent by Lia's father. Assuming new identities, they find work at an inn, and when they meet two young men at the inn, things go from bad to worse. Neither men is who they seem, and this spells trouble for everyone.

I don't want to spoil anyone, so I won't go into what happens in the rest of the book, or book two, but if you're a fan of badass ladies, who are fiercely loyal, and like to buck tradition, this is a great series for you.  I will say, in parts of the book, I think the author is alluding to the fact that the Remnant (those chosen after an apocalypse wipes out all of society,) is the United States, and mention of the "ancients," lost temples and cities feels a bit meh to me. I much prefer the idea that all of the countries are actually complete fiction and not based on our current existence. I could be wrong, but it was the only off note in the books for me. Lia and her relationships with the two young men, Pauline, and everyone back in her home as well as the people she meets on her journey are well written. You get to see each of the main characters understand, work through, and eventually accept their own fate and place within the overall fate of the world. The one bummer I had was that the ending wasn't exactly as I'd hoped, but c'est la vie, right? I still liked it, and felt it made sense for the characters.


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I’ve been snooping around my parents house, looking for old photos. I know we have them, my dad loves photography, and I know we have boxes of pictures around here somewhere. Snooping is probably too strong a word, really I’m just searching around. I’m trying to find as many photos of my mom as possible. Most of the photos that are around the house are studio portraits, or other photos of me, from school, from dance. There are few adult pictures of my parents that don’t also include a younger version of me. I want to find these photos because I want to have as many visual reminders of who my mom was, physically, before the cancer came. I want to remember her holding me while I suspiciously suss out Donald Duck, or holding me on her lap in a blue chair that’s almost just as much a part of my childhood memories. I want to remember her smiling, and vibrant, and sometimes, clearly annoyed with the photographer (my dad.) I want all of these as a constant reminder that my mom is so much mor…


I have six unfinished drafts for this blog just hanging out. I'm taking 12 units this semester at school, I'm working full time, I'm attempting to have some semblance of a life while maintaining my limited sanity in a world where we somehow have a President Trump. I'm exhausted most of the time, I'm trying to eat better, and work out more frequently, oh yeah and  I also have quite a bit of debt to tackle. Turns out, shopping is not an appropriate outlet for grief when you're not independently wealthy. So, what does that mean for this blog? Probably not a whole lot, truthfully. In my head I have a grand plan of using this as a way to curb my spending, while still reading (things other than the depressing shit I have to read for all of my course work as a Social Work major,) and using all the makeup and beauty products I currently have.

We'll see how all that pans out, shall we?


That feeling when you have five drafts in your blog dashboard, but start a new post anyway. 

So, instead of forcing myself to finish one of those five posts, I'm going to share with you some gems I've found around the interwebs over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

There's that famous line from Magnolia ... I'm through with the past. ... Well, the past isn't through with you. And that is exactly what this is. You know, you can say you're through with grief all you want, but grief will let you know when it's done.

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