An Ode to Celaena Sardothian

"And then, I'm going to rattle the stars." - Sarah J. MaasHeir of Fire

Celaena Sardothian is the famed Assassin of Adarlan. When we meet her, in Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass, she is imprisoned in a salt mine, serving a sentence for her crimes. At times, Celaena can be a bit difficult to like. She's short tempered, and violent, and doesn't like being told what to do. She can be impetuous, and rash, and often, especially in the first novel, does things that might make you shake your head and say, "Oh, Celaena. Why?" She's also incredibly smart, fiercely loyal to her friends, and basically an overall badass. Her fighting skills reminded me a bit of Katsa from Kristin Cashore's Graceling. 

There are currently five published novels, and four novellas that help fill in some background information on our lovely assassin. I think one of my favorite things about Celaena, and this series is the depth of character development we get to see in Celaena herself, as well as many of the other supporting characters. Celaena's life leading up to the point where we meet her has not been all that easy, and her life moving forward from our first glimpse of her in Throne of Glass, doesn't really get a whole lot easier. In fact, things get a whole hell of a lot harder. 

Celaena Sardothian is a warrior, and I love her. 


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