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Beauty: It's Your Brush Love!

I gotta spill. I really hate cleaning my makeup brushes. It's so tedious, and time consuming, am I right?

When I was in Makeup School, we had to clean our brushes between each makeup application. So, I definitely used a professional grade brush cleaner which I was able to buy at a discount in the school's store. I also got a discount at two local professional beauty shops, and that was awesome, but once I stopped doing makeup on the reg, I stopped shelling out for the professional grade stuff. For a long time I would use baby shampoo, and then I was a fan of Beauty Blender's cleaner in both the solid form and liquid form, because it was pretty easy to use without over using product. However, both of those, and even sometimes the professional cleaner would take a bit to dry (I used to use Burman Industries Cleaner, and it was quick drying). Plus, it felt like it took FOR-EV-ER to get all the makeup out, and rinse the brush clean, then fix the bristles, and then I'd have to lay them out overnight on a towel to dry.  *yawn*

I recently saw It Cosmetics' It's Your Brush Love! and thought, "hey, for under $20 it's worth a try," and I am so thrilled with this product! It smells nice (not like some of the professional grade cleaners,) and made my brushes feel super soft, and it took me less than ten minutes to clean them all, and they're all dry!

LESS THAN TEN MINUTES, YO! I'm super thrilled by this. A little goes a long way, so it may be a while before I need to replace this, which is also great bang for your buck if you ask me. I give this product two thumbs up, and a gold star. Definitely worth a purchase.


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