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Re-Post: New Year, New You

This post originally published on In The Blackest Ink

Today is the 5th of January, we are now almost a full week into the new year, but for me, the new year just began today.

Today, I was laid off from my job. I wasn't surprised, although I suppose, maybe the fact that it was my last day was surprising. Around this time in 2016, my first job at this particular location of the organization where I have worked for the last 8 years, was eliminated. At that time, another position was created. I wasn't super thrilled about the position, and did start job hunting, but because I hadn't finished my bachelor's degree, I couldn't get hired. So, I stuck it out, and now, I don't have to?
I can't say this is the best time to lose my job. I'm certainly not in a financial position to be unemployed, but I do know that I am incredibly lucky to have the safety net of my boyfriend and my father. Without that I would be in pretty dire straits. In some ways, this is the best thing that could have happened to me at the beginning of 2018. I just applied for graduation this summer, and maybe this will be the push I need to get out of my comfort zone, and into something that really challenges me.

Right now, I'm just sad, and feeling kind of bad about myself, and that's ok. It will pass, and one day, maybe next week, or the week after, I'll feel better about this huge life change I wasn't really prepared for on Friday, January 5th at 2pm. Until then, it's time for a hot bath, a cup of tea, and snuggles with my babies.


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