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Beauty: Younique Cosmetics Foundation & Concealer

I am a makeup and skincare product junkie, but on a day-to-day basis, I frequently go makeup free. Sometimes, it's all makeup, sometimes I wear eye make up and no foundation. There was a time, in my early 20s when I wouldn't think of leaving the house without even a little bit of makeup, but the older I get, the less I care, and it's actually done a couple of things for me. One, it's made me realize that you don't *HAVE* to wear makeup every day, nothing really happend when I wasn't wearing a full face of makeup, and two, my skin got better. I don't know if some of my skin getting better also came with age, or was in part thanks to not putting stuff all over my face,and then removing it each night. The world may never know.

That said, I do keep face makeup for those times when I want a flawless face to start with. A friend of mine from childhood is a Younique presenter, and I have tried the mascara - which I found to be mostly great, so when she invited me to a Facebook party I decided to pull the trigger, and replace my expired foundation with something new. Jenny perfectly color matched me to Younique's Organza, and I placed my order. Sadly, their primer, which was part of a "Kudos," I ordered, is back ordered until mid-July. This was fine with me, though since I'd just purchased a new bottle of Smashbox primer.

My June customer Kudos, came with the Foundation and Concealer in my color choice of Organza. I could have chosen another color for the concealer if I wanted. It also came with the backordered primer, and the foundation brush (brush closest to product in photo.) I also added the concealer brush, and the foundation brush in the foreground is my own, Mary Kay, which I use to apply the primer.

Once the package arrived, I cleaned my face, slapped on some primer, and then applied the concealer and foundation. While my skin has some dry patches that definitely showed up close, this stuff was awesome. The color match was perfect, the formula was lightweight, easy to blend and build, and didn't leave me feeling like I was wearing a mask. I've been fighting some dry skin patches on my forehead, and tops of my cheekbones, I think from the constant AC and hard water, here in AZ. I moisturized the crap out of those places, and only the forehead still had a bit of a flaky look up close. Thankfully in normal interaction no one could tell, and I am super pleased with the products!

Here I am, (left) before, and (right) after. I didn't have anywhere to be, so I didn't finish my makeup, just stuck with the new products. When I do a full face, I'll be sure to post :)

What's your favorite foundation brand?


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